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cGrate has multiple products for its customers however 543 Konse Konse is the company’s flagship product. 543 Konse Konse is an electronic voucher distribution solution that allows merchants, customers and dealers to purchase electronic vouchers through a wide range of distribution channels.

Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD)

cGrate distributes and sells electronic vouchers for; airtime, electricity, water and other utility payments. In addition, we provide complementary mobile banking services. This product is made available through POS terminals, USSD and 543 Pay.

Merchant Payments

Merchant Payments offers the 543 merchant an alternative payment option to receiving cash as means of payment in their shops. The customer pays for goods and services at a 543 merchant using their mobile money or bank account. Currently a 543 merchant can receive payments from all mobile money subscribers – MTN MoMo, Airtel Money and Zamtel Kwacha.

543 Pay

543 Pay allows customers to access their bank accounts and mobile money through WhatsApp and SMS. In order to use this product, the customer needs to have a bank account or a mobile money account. For the bank account holders, the customer needs to be registered on mobile banking and their bank.

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Cash Deposits - CashIn

Customers can make cash deposits into their mobile money wallets or bank accounts. Currently cGrate has partnered with Atlas Mara, Indo Zambia Bank, Investrust Bank, MTN MoMo, Airtel Money and Zamtel Kwacha, therefore the above mentioned respective customers can access the CashIn service on 543.

Cash Withdrawals - CashOut

Cash Withdrawals performed from the customers’ mobile money wallets and bank accounts. Currently the business has Atlas Mara, Investrust, Indo Zambia, MFinance, Zoona, MTN MoMo, Airtel Money and Zamtel Kwacha as Partners.

Online Payments

cGrate facilitate payments that allow customers to pay for goods, bills and services online. We currently have Tigmoo Eats as one of our partners; customers can pay for the service using 543 Pay.


cGrate offers solutions for software development payments projects. For example, bank to wallet and wallet to bank projects as well as connecting other businesses to the payment ecosystem.

543 Konse Konse
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