Paying bills has never been so
convenient and easy.
You can buy airtime from any of
our merchants country wide.
With Cash Out you can withdraw cash from any konse konse merchant
Access their bank accounts and mobile money on WhatsApp and SMS.
About to 543 Konse Konse
543 Konse Konse is part of cGrate Zambia. Our core business is we process payments by connecting consumers, merchants and issuers through our varied services. The services are; Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD), Merchant Payments, Cash Withdrawals, Cash Deposits, Online Payments and Direct to Consumer Wallet. As a business we are driven by the desire to enrich lives through convenient services.

Our merchants are everywhere.

With over 3500 merchants in Zambia and growing fast, we deliver services like never before.

"For products support, give us a call anytime between 7:30am - 10pm on weekdays or send us an email.