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1. What is 543 Konse Konse?

543 Konse Konse is a product of cGrate Zambia that enables individuals and businesses to process electronic payments, such as the sale of airtime and bills, cash deposits and withdrawals, bulk payments, merchant payments and empowers it’s merchants with easy access to short-term loans.

2. How much does a 543-machine cost?

Our 543 point of sale machines cost ZMW 3,750.

3. Where are your branches located?

You can either deposit in our bank accounts or from any of our outlets/pay points – as listed below:


Along kabelenga Avenue, Near cavmont Bank opposite Puma gas station

Located at Rekay’s mall, next to food lovers Along President Avenue

Located along Livingstone Rd at Choma garage next to spar

Located at Kapata Market along Kafula Rd next to Chimano auto spares at plot 51318

4. What can I sell on the machine?

You can sell Airtime on all three networks, Zesco, Dstv, Gotv, Topstar, Liquid Telecom, MTN direct Bundles, Multichoice Hardware, accept payments, withdraw or deposit cash, collect ZRA Tax payments and FISP payments.

5. What are the benefits you have over your competitors?

When you acquire a machine, we also give you marketing material to promote your product (i.e. Poster).

And give you free paper roll according to your usage.

You get support through our responsive sales team at our call-center that operates from 07:30 to 21:00 hrs Mon to Friday and 08:00hrs to 17:00hrs Saturday and Sunday to assist with all your queries you may have.

We also have regional sales managers that visit our merchants frequently to assist with any trouble shooting.

6. What Documents do I need to open a 543 Merchant account?

7. What are the fees & commissions for the available services on the machine?


Description Basic
Machine price K3,750
Airtel 3.50%
MTN 3.50%
Zamtel 4.50%
DStv 1%
GOtv 1%
Topstar 1%
Zesco 1%
Liquid Telecom 5%
MLife 3%
POS Paper Free
Machine Repairs As per quote


Transaction Amount(K) Transaction Fee(K)
Between 1 to 150 5
Between 150 to 300 5
Between 300 to 500 5
Between 500 to 1,000 5
Between 1,000 to 3,000 5
Between 3,000 to 5,000 5
Between 5,000 to 1,0000 5
Above 10,000 5


8. What is 543 Pay?

543 Pay is a product that allows customers to access their bank or mobile money account through WhatsApp or SMS.

9. How can I access 543 Pay?

To register you need to save the 543 Pay contact “+260 211 840 008,” then send “Hello” on the “WhatsApp” chat Alternatively you can send “Hello” via “SMS” to “543” and follow the instructions.

10. Is it anyone that can register for 543 Pay?

Only customers that have accounts with our partnered banks and mobile money service providers can access 543 Pay. Current partners are Indo Zambia Bank, Investrust & Zamtel.

11. How safe is 543 Pay?

543 Pay is very secure. To transact successfully you need to enter your PIN. In this case you enter your mobile banking or mobile money PIN.

12. How do I make a payment, withdraw or deposit at a 543 merchant?

Or you need to do is log onto your WhatsApp or SMS chat, Type your transaction e.g.;

543 Konse Konse
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