Buy Airtime

Buying airtime with a 543 is easy and with all the major networks covered you need to go no further.

Distribute Airtime Online

Distribute Airtime to multiple recipients within minutes online. 5000 recipients can receive airtime in under 10 minutes. This feature can be used to distribute Staff Airtime Allowances online.

Manage 543 account through transaction reports and reconciliation tools.

Online URL:  

Aggregation of Airtime

Integrate your existing channels into 543 to distribute Airtime. Work with one service provider to leverage on economies of scale i.e.:

Integration can be done through pre-defined web services or custom built Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Channels that can integrate include but not limited to; Retailer's Till systems, Internet Banking, ATMs, Mobile Banking.  

Distribute Airtime and Pay Bills through *543#

Distribute Airtime and Pay for Bills using any handset through *543#

Order stock for other 543 channels such as POS terminals through *543#.

View latest sales and reconcile for all 543 channels through *543#.  

Distribute Airtime using the "543 Konse Konse" Machine

Sell Airtime for all networks i.e. through pins (Pin-Topup) or by sending direct to the mobile phone (Direct-Topup) through the Konse Konse Machine. Process Bill Payments through the Konse Konse Machine.

The Konse Konse Machine is equipped with 2 SIM slots for redundancy and doesn't require data to process transactions. There is no need to constantly recharge the SIM cards.

Manage cashiers and reconcile sales through the Konse Konse Machine.

Buy airtime through our banking partners

Get airtime through our partnering banks through your mobile banking applications. Our partnering banks include Indo Zambia bank, Stanbic bank, Investrust bank and also mFinance.

Some of our differentiators

  • 543 terminals are more reliable.
    • Merchants have the option to use two networks to connect.
    • 543 terminals use USSD which is more stablethan GPRS.
    • Customers also have the option to use GPRS
  • Merchants can access their accounts through 3 channels i.e:
  • Merchants can go to our pay points to pay for stock, request for POS paper and receive support.
  • 543 terminals vend both pin vouchers (Pin-Topup) and pin-less (Direct-Topup) vouchers.
  • All sales through the 543 terminal can be tracked online and business owners can view sales reports for better planning purposes.
  • The 543 terminal allows multiple cashiers to sell from the same 543 account and sales can be easily reconciled.
  • Merchants do not have to order specific denominations. One block amount covers all service providers and denominations.

543 Terminal Advantages over Scratch Cards

  • The 543 terminal has options to vend a wide range of vouchers from prepaid airtime, prepaid T.V to prepaid electricity to prepaid internet and other bill payments.
  • With the 543 terminal, airtime can be sent directly to the receiving phone without having to enter a pin.
  • Better stock management:
    • There is no need to keep track of specific stock denominations and order specific denominations. With the 543 terminal, one block amount covers all denominations.
    • Merchants will be able to sell any denomination as long as there is enough credit in the 543 account. Stock can be loaded within minutes as compared to someone physically delivering scratch cards.

The 543 terminal gives more structure to business owners.


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